Jewish Wedding Photographer

In recent years I’ve had a huge amount of fun in being a jewish wedding photographer. Jewish weddings are very suited to my style of photography; often full of energy, always full of emotion, and a strong emphasis on family and friends playing a big part in proceedings. My style is mainly photojournalistic, so being presented with lots of great moments happening in front of my camera makes my job much easier, and a lot of fun too!

With every wedding I shoot there is no time limit so I make a point of staying late to the capture all of the dancing, usually to the very end. Almost all jewish weddings are shot by myself with a second photographer, because of the need to be in two places at once sometimes. This makes things like covering a Tish whilst being able to shoot the bridal preparation possible. Or making sure all sides of the dance floor are covered during the Israeli dancing!  Having a two photographer package results in a lot more images in your final collection and is very much our recommendation for weddings when the number of guests exceeds 100.

Many of the jewish weddings I’ve shot are in central London, most recently at venues such as The Mayfair Hotel, The Landmark Hotel, The Langham, and the Four Seasons. The ballrooms at these venues are some of the best event spaces I could hope to photograph in and I really enjoy getting very creative with my flash lighting to produce interesting results.

If you’re looking for an experienced jewish wedding photographer in London, please get in touch to arrange a meeting at our studio in Amersham, just outside North West London.

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