Stoke Place

My wife Marie and I got married at Stoke Place back in 2010, so naturally we have amazing memories and fondness for this charming country house in Buckinghamshire, close to where we live. I am a huge fan of the quirky design features and laid back feel it has.

Since our wedding I’ve had fun photographing several other couples here, and you can see Simon and Sarah’s wedding highlights here as an example.

For a Stoke Place wedding photographer there is so much variety for shooting portraits, and I’m drawn to both the obvious lake and garden features, but in particular working with the indoor spaces. The central hall and stairs are an iconic feature at Stoke Place with their empty picture frames and glass chandelier forming the backdrop of several of my favourite ever portfolio shots.

I love the chance to return to Stoke Place, so if you’d like to take us back as your photographer we’ll delivery a truly heartfelt collection of images.

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