Plaisterers Hall wedding photographer

Jan 15, 2013 | Weddings

Plaisterers Hall wedding photographer

Photographing for Lara and Jonathan was a total joy.  Any wedding where I can shoot relaxed getting ready pictures in the morning, a meaningful heartfelt ceremony in the afternoon, and then crazy people jumping ALL OVER THE PLACE in the evening is going to be a hit with me!  The reception at Plaisterers Hall was perfect for such a good party, and lit beautifully which only adds to the atmosphere in the pictures.  I also have to add that the band was one of the best I’ve ever seen at a wedding, they kept everyone up and on the floor all night… super important for a Jewish wedding!

As a Plaisterers Hall wedding photographer I love having the space to create those energetic dancefloor photos, and the ability to get up high on the balcony for some wide shots is a unique feature of this venue.  Lara and JonnyJ, it was a great day and I loved every minute… now, off to design a really special album for you.

Jewish weddings at Plaisterers Hall

I’ve shot several weddings at this fabulous City of London venue now, and every one is unique. It’s really important to add great lighting to create atmosphere, and this ballroom takes it really well. but it’s also fun to step outside and make some great portraits on the streets around the hall, like the final shot in this series shot near London Wall.


  1. Kate

    Awesome set of images Mike! Looks like such a fun wedding too. I especially love the bride portrait with the gold light in the foreground … stunning.

  2. Bob Owen

    Another set of great images with that classic Mike Garrard look. I’m a one for the quirky shots, and they guys with the hats are terrific. Tremendous moments captured.

  3. Kent Meireis

    Wow, well done in perfect Fearless Style!

  4. Gary (Marshal Gray)

    Hey Mike. Great work. Loving the fearless stuff 🙂 awesome.

  5. katrina wallace

    oh wow great moments! also love the portrait with the gold light too!

  6. Corey Schwartz

    Love the compositions, light and moments!

  7. Rob Dodsworth

    A damned fine set of images Mike – light, colour, fun!

  8. Shauna Heron

    WOW!!! Fab work, Mike!! You’re amazing!!

  9. Claire Gould

    Wow! I’m glad you showed the neon circles twice… what an amazing wedding photo – love them all!


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