2012 favourites – a great year weddings

Feb 26, 2013 | Weddings

2012 favourites

2012 was an incredible year. I got to work with some amazing people at beautiful locations all over the UK and around the world.  I was also really pleased to finish the year with several new awards from Fearless Photographers, putting our studio as the top photographer in the UK this year.

I could say something about each and every couple I had the pleasure to work with, but instead I’ll just show some photos.

I really love this moment between Anna and her friends just before we headed off to the church.

nice moment between bride and bridesmaid

Lara and her mum having a moment before the bedeken ceremony.

great moment between mum and daughter

Keren heading down the stairs at Great Fosters, on her way to the church.

best wedding photographers
groom getting ready in lake garda hotel

A fun shot from Lara & Jonny’s wedding, taken in the morning.

funny wedding shot, fearless award winner
italian bride getting ready
bridesmaids seeing the bride for the first time
shoes on a balcony in ravello

The church at Lonato on Lake Garda was one of the most stunning buildings I’ve ever set foot in. Lauren and her Dad had a long way to walk!

lake garda wedding, bride walking down aisle

Sophie and Matt coming out of the church in Amersham, love their expressions!

happy couple in confetti
wedding photographer in lake garda

Happy faces on Matthew and Gemma after their wedding in the church at Windsor’s great park.  The Queen’s church no less!

windsor great park wedding photo, gemma and matt after church
bride waiting on a balcony in ravello

Possibly the funniest moment I’ve shot all year; the sign is perfect!

cute kid at a wedding reception
stoke place wedding photo
candle lit wedding couple
jewish wedding photos, israeli dancing in london at plaisterers hall
gorgeous bride in light by a yellow wall
a marquee portrait in lancashire


  1. Kristina Skvrce

    A lot of compliments on photos. Your colors absolutely rule and when you go BW it hits so good. Every single image looks exciting, great selection that shows that is not just about documenting the day – with these great moments it’s an exciting journey. I’m a wedding planner from Dubrovnik, Croatia, and would love work with someone like you on my weddings.
    Thumbs up!

  2. Steve & Sandra

    I really love your work, you capture the magic of the day beautifully. Steve & Sandra.

  3. Martin Hemsley

    Gorgeous wedding photographs. I bet you had fun compiling this collection.

  4. Jannie Erasmus

    The photograph of the bride coming down the stairs and your use of natural light is my absolute favourite.

  5. Jannie

    I love the emotion in your photographs. You can almost feel what they are feeling..!

  6. Kay

    I love your photos. They all say something. You’re a great photographer. The baby touching the elephant really amused me. Great job!

  7. Dan Ward

    Fantastic photos! Looks like you had an absolutely amazing year! Some real inspirational stuff! 🙂

  8. Nikolay Mirchev

    Wow sorry Mike I thought these photographs were showcase of the best work from different photographers as I didn’t expect that a photographer on its own can have so many good photographs in his portfolio.Wow this is amazing!!!

  9. anna | far from the

    Such amazing images. From some amazing weddings. How wonderful. Your lucky couples.

  10. liam smith

    epic shots mike, the little dude and the elephant is killer

  11. Jimi Gill

    Mike, I love your all images. The Pic in which bride is heading down the staires is beautiful.


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