A City Wedding at The Shard

Aug 1, 2021 | Weddings

Shard wedding photographer

I love London weddings, so I was delighted to get my first shoot at this iconic landmark. The day started earlier to make some great images of The Shard itself and of course the views, before checking in with Ben and Jodie and capturing all the preparations. I was soon to learn the job of a Shard wedding photographer is to spend a lot of time in lifts! Up and down to the various rooms, portrait locations etc, it never stops! But on every floor you get these unique 360 views of our wonderful city, and as day turns to night they all change again.

J&B are a wonderful down-to-earth couple, who had such a fun day with loads of personal touches, including their Star Trek cake! Scroll down to check that out, complete with Klingon sword to cut it! I had such fun capturing this one, and can’t wait to get back to The Shard again soon.

Shard wedding ceremony

I just love the entrance you get to make at a Shard wedding. The ceremony room is lined up with the staircase at the back, so everyone has an amazing view for the entrance. Ben had such a huge smile as Jodie came into view, and they didn’t stop smiling and giggling all the way through.

Shangr-La weddings in London

I love how weddings means ‘access all areas’! Being able to walk around such a popular place and be able to shoot anywhere you like for the bride and groom opens up so many possibilities. We had a lot of fun around the Shangr-La, and even out on the streets around the Shard making fun couple shots.

I think however, when day turns to night at the Shard you get a very different look to your wedding photos. The colours of the lighting change up, and the skyline becomes even more amazing to have as your backdrop.

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